the hunt for the great blue heron

Vacation week.  Sun, golf, relaxation, and for me, time to practice photography.  We are spending this week in Hardin County, Tennessee enjoying beautiful Pickwick Lake.  I might have named by business after my maternal grandmother, but my paternal grandfather taught me birdwatching.  He would love it here:  geese, ducks, an enormous Osprey, a Bald Eagle (!!), and my absolute favorite bird, the Great Blue Heron. I have spent years photographing Herons on Pickwick, and one in particular seems to frequent our cove.  I stalk him each evening, carrying my camera on the boat and on RARE occasions, on the jet ski.  He is a very shy bird and always seems to elude even my best zoom lenses.  It’s our own personal game of cat and mouse.  I always feel like I am on safari in rural west Tennessee when I am hunting him, hoping to get a great shot.  Maybe he was tired last night, maybe he felt sorry for me, or maybe I just finally won.  Whatever the reason, I GOT HIM, and he is gorgeous.  Bald Eagle, I’m coming for you next, friend.