the case for carrying around a camera

I usually have at least one camera bag with me. It’s a running joke with some of my friends to see how many cameras, lenses, and other props I have in the car at any given time. At first I was hesitant about trying to seem too eager to be a “pro”, but now it’s just a matter of convenience. I’ve averaged a photo shoot a day for several weeks now, so if everything is charged up, packed, and in my car, I have one less thing to worry about. Being busy this spring is nice because I really like paying my bills. The drawback is that I’m in work mode — shoot, edit, return images to clients. Repeat. Repeat.

Having everything with me also provides me the opportunity to remain a hobbyist.  To shoot for fun.  To take chances when nobody is looking or critiquing or paying me for what comes out of the camera. Sometimes these experiments work well; other times I am glad that digital files are easy to delete. I found myself between meetings several days ago and I thought I would use that time to check my planner, return phone calls, and work on that day’s to do list. However, as I pulled in to my parking place, I was face to face with a sunrise that was breathtaking. I’m so glad that I could reach over into the passenger seat and pull out a camera and capture that moment in time. One of the most magical things about photography to me is that pictures allow us to remember not just an event or a person, but also a feeling or a revelation that also occurred in that instant. I keep this picture on my desktop to remind me to slow down, to look around, and to be immensely happy for the job I get to do every day.